Cebu Pacific's SAF-Powered Flight Takes Off at Narita-Manila

October 25, 2023

Cebu Pacific's SAF-Powered Flight Takes Off at Narita-Manila

Cebu Pacific became the first Philippine airline to use SAF or sustainable aviation fuel on a commercial flight from Japan—operating Flight 5J 5055 from Narita to Manila.

The airline used a 40% blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in one of their flights, resulting in a 44% decrease in carbon emissions per passenger. This achievement set a new record for the airline's SAF-powered flights.

Cebu Pacific is making efforts to make air travel more sustainable, including investing in fuel-efficient planes, optimizing flight plans, and adopting fuel efficiency best practices. Their inaugural Narita to Manila flight using sustainable aviation fuel represents their commitment to the aviation industry's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Itochu, the distributor of SAF in Japan, praised the partnership. Atsushi Onishi, a Senior Officer at Itochu's Energy Division, expressed excitement about working together with Cebu Pacific to promote sustainable aviation. This partnership reflects the increasing demand for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Asia-Pacific region, and Itochu is prepared to fulfill that demand.


Passengers on the first flight were included in the festivities, receiving special items and participating in activities during the flight. The initiative was also well-received by Narita International Airport.

Toshio Tashiro, Executive Officer of Narita International Airport, expressed gratitude for Cebu Pacific's decision to launch sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) flights at their airport. He also praised the airline for its dedication to sustainability.

Before the commercial flight, CEB formed a strategic partnership with Neste to secure a long-term supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Asia-Pacific region. This collaboration supports the airline's sustainability objective of incorporating SAF into its operations to decrease carbon emissions and promote environmental awareness.

In September 2022, CEB became the first low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on a passenger flight from Singapore to Manila. CEB plans to use blended SAF for all its flights by 2030.

To learn more about CEB's sustainability initiatives, please visit their website at

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