Samsung Philippines Recognized Among 2023 Best Customer Service in the Philippines

December 12, 2023

Samsung Philippines Recognized Among 2023 Best Customer Service in the Philippines

Samsung Philippines was recently praised in the Philippines Best in Customer Service 2023 Survey for its dedication to offering top-notch care to its customers.

The rankings were determined through a survey conducted by Statista, a reputable data and business intelligence platform, for Philippine Daily Inquirer. The survey included over 11,000 customers in the Philippines who have engaged in activities such as making purchases, using services, or seeking information about products or services within the last three years.

The survey included retailers and service providers from various categories in both traditional and online retail. The brands included in the survey were chosen based on their reputation, turnover, or market share. The final rankings were determined by the likelihood of recommendation and three evaluation criteria: accessibility, professional competence, and quality of communication. Accessibility measures the availability of customer service, professional competence measures the quality of information provided, and quality of communication measures the friendliness and politeness of the contact.


Samsung understands that their customers are busy, so they have invested in customer service channels that cater to their needs. They offer a Pick-up Service where a partner will collect the device, repair it, and deliver it back. They also have the Galaxy TechVan that travels around the country providing repair services. Samsung offers various ways for customers to contact them, such as a 24/7 Hotline, Live Chat, Visual Support, and Remote Service. They also have a Pre-booking Service to reduce wait times at service centers.


Samsung is committed to helping customers live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by offering services that extend the life of appliances and reduce electronic waste. These services include Proactive Care, which provides check-ups and cleanings for air conditioners, and Eco-Conscious Repair, which allows users to repair only the affected parts of their devices. Samsung also offers convenient options for disposing of electronic waste.


Samsung Members receive additional benefits and customer service advantages through the Samsung Members app. These perks include exclusive offers, access to top-notch customer service, insider tips, and curated content. The app also offers special promotions, contests, and the chance to connect with other Samsung fans. Additionally, when you buy from the Samsung Online Store, you can earn rewards points and conveniently track your purchases within the app.


Samsung Concierge offers a hotline for Galaxy Z Series and Galaxy S Series owners to get help with setting up, diagnosing issues, and repairing their devices. Members can schedule appointments and receive priority service at Samsung Authorized Service Centers. They can also request temporary loaner devices while their own device is being serviced.


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