Making Air Travel Easier: Cebu Pacific’s Holy Week Reminders

March 25, 2024

Every year, Filipinos eagerly anticipate the Holy Week—a time for reflection, family reunions, and perhaps a well-deserved vacation. Whether you’re participating in religious activities or planning a getaway, Cebu Pacific wants to ensure that every Juan has a comfortable air travel experience. Here are some important reminders:

  1. Arrive Early at the Airport:

    • Allow extra time for traffic when heading to the airport.
    • Domestic flights departing from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminals 3 and 4 require passengers to arrive at least three (3) hours before departure.
    • For international flights, arrive at least four (4) hours before departure.
    • Travelers flying to Dubai can check in as early as seven (7) hours before departure.
  2. Online Check-In:

    • Skip the long lines by checking in online.
    • Use the official CEB mobile app or the Manage Booking section on the CEB website.
    • Online check-in is available from 48 hours up to one (1) hour before scheduled departure for domestic flights and up to four (4) hours before scheduled departure for international flights.
    • Passengers without checked-in baggage can proceed directly to the boarding gates through NAIA Terminal 3 Gate 1, showing their digital boarding pass.
  3. eTravel Forms:

    • To breeze through immigration counters, international travelers should:
      • Register or update their eTravel forms within 72 hours (three days) before departure from and arrival to the Philippines.
      • Save the QR code generated at the end of the form.
    • For round-trip international flights, complete the eTravel form twice: once for departure and again for arrival.
    • Access eTravel forms at
  4. Pack Smart:

    • Ensure your bags comply with airline regulations.
    • Remember that certain items are prohibited in carry-on luggage.
    • Pack essentials and travel light for a hassle-free journey.

Whether you’re bound for a spiritual pilgrimage or a sun-soaked beach, follow these guidelines to make your air travel smoother. Safe travels!

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