Beach Hut Sunscreen Hosts Beach Football Tournament in Boracay

June 13, 2024

Beach Hut Sunscreen, the top beach sunscreen in the Philippines, successfully concluded its inaugural Beach Football Festival in Boracay, empowering women athletes.

Seven all-girl football teams from Luzon and Visayas competed, with Manila Digger Team emerging as champions, winning ₱100,000. Borongan FC secured second place with ₱50,000, and Beach Hut FC Green came in third, receiving ₱25,000. Winners received cash prizes along with Beach Hut products and sponsored items.

The festival promoted Filipina footballers, hosting multi-destination beach football games under Beach Hut Sunscreen's protection. It provided a rare platform for young talents and included an exhibition game featuring local women's football figures.

Players like Bethany Talbot and Camille Rodriguez praised the event for its impact on women's football development. Inna Palacios emphasized the importance of such events in fostering community and talent growth.

Team Captain Hali Long highlighted values like improvement and teamwork for aspiring footballers, encouraging them to always support their teammates.




Beach Hut Sunscreen is dedicated to nurturing Filipina sports talent, particularly in grassroots women’s football. They established Beach Hut FC, the nation’s first all-girls football club, to provide a platform for skill development.

Now in its 5th year, Beach Hut Sunscreen remains committed to empowering women athletes in the Philippines. They offer scholarship opportunities to support more young women in entering the sport and gaining exposure for collegiate scholarships.

One of the Beach Hut FC scholars, Queenie Magno, values the bonding and sportsmanship cultivated through training and tournaments. For her teammate, Joshper Halili, being part of Beach Hut FC reignited her passion for football.

Halili encourages aspiring female footballers to embrace challenges and learn from experiences. Karia Favis, another Beach Hut FC player, appreciates the initiative for breaking stereotypes in football, emphasizing that the sport is inclusive.

Beach Hut Sunscreen ensures players have maximum sun protection during outdoor activities by setting up a Sunscreen Station at events, offering products with 99% UV ray protection.

Through scholarships and Football Festivals, Beach Hut Sunscreen envisions a bright future for women’s football in the Philippines, fostering growth, camaraderie, and enjoyment in the sport.

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